New Destinations, New experiences


Although I have been silent for a few months, my enthusiasm to help you find that luxury dream adventure has been growing.   I have been training on new destinations, new resorts and new experiences that are available to you.   I have gained knowledge in Tahiti, Antigua, Barbuda and for your European travel desires, I have taken courses on Southwest Germany, Spain and refreshed my knowledge on Southern France.  I discovered the value of the Palladium Resorts, and  for pure luxury the beautiful 6 star Jumeirah Beacon Resorts.  I also have taken courses on sailing with Windstar and experiencing the rivers of Europe on Viking cruises.

I will resume my blog on our trip around the world, and start blogging on these new destinations, resorts and cruises that I have learned about soon, so stay tuned and each week you will find something new in my world of travel and how luxury travel can be yours.