Orlando Part 1: A Side Visit to Coco Beach

On arriving at Orlando airport after our red eye flight, we found the airport to be quite a busy place, people from all over the world traveling here to experience the family entertainment areas of Disney World and Universal Studios among other local experiences. Obtaining our rental car was easy and not painful at all. Since we arrived so early in the morning and our room was not available till later in the day we decided to explore one of the many beaches of Florida. Our choice for this day was Coco Beach which was only a little over an hour from the Orlando Airport to the east. On arriving at Coco Beach, we drove through the town and found it to be potpourri of little shops for all sorts of beach activities and beachwear. Having not eaten breakfast yet we hit the IHOP for eats and received some good advice on where to park for free from our waitress. After eating we headed over to the beach and found the suggested parking which was right next to the Ron Jon Surf Shop. So, our first stop was the Ron Jon, a really neat place to purchase all sorts of souvenirs or equipment to perform your beach activities. After our tour of the shop we took the short walk over to beach. For these mountain folks, the beach was a wonderful site. The ocean is so relaxing, just to sit on the beach and watch the waves was a joy to both of us. After spending a few hours on the beach, we decided it was time to head back to Orlando and check into our hotel. As driving back through the town, I couldn’t help to think how wonderful it would be to spend more time here and explore all those local eateries and shops along the beach. A place to visit for a future trip.