Cruising together, makes wonderful memories. Some tips and expert advice for cruising as a group.

It was wonderful to spend some quality time with friends on a  group cruise.  We were able to get 4 couples together that have been friends for 50 years to experience a wonderful vacation, visit some new destinations and celebrate some wonderful life events.  Many people think a group vacation is too much, they love their family and friends but not 24 hrs a day. A cruise allows you to have that freedom of individual time, and group time so you have a balanced vacation.  Our cruise was wonderful, we spent a week on the Liberty of the seas in the Caribbean.  We visited Belize, Rotan and Cozumel, but started the vacation in Galveston the night before the departure.  I always suggest a pre-night hotel at your embarkation port. This allows you a stress-free start to your vacation.  We flew into Houston and had a transfer pick us up, another couple flew in at a different time and a couple of the group drove.  We all met in Galveston a great little city, it has many restaurant choices, 32 miles of beach and some nice resorts, tropical scenery, Victorian architecture, an amusement park on the boardwalk and world-class sport fishing, a great place to start a cruise vacation and little easier to fly to than the East Coast.  Usually your cruise will leave from a destination that has a lot to offer, so adding a night or two here gives you time to experience the city as more than just a shipyard.

We all met at the hotel, had a great dinner to unwind and relax from a day of travel.  Our departure day started with a transfer for those of us that flew in to the port and the group that drove went directly to port.  If you have the luxury to live close to a port city, driving is great way to save a little money, but don’t forget to add in the parking cost to your budget as to avoid any surprises.

Once we got to the port, Royal had a smooth check in process.  The thing to remember here is to make sure you check in online early, the earlier the better.  This way your boarding process is smooth.  When you wait or check in last minute it can cause some delays with your boarding passes, and cruise IDs.  I have been on a couple of cruises and Royal did have a smooth process and got a lot of people through quickly.

Make sure you have your swimming suite and or a change of clothes in your carry-on, as well as any medications you may need.  Your large luggage will be deposited into your room which may not be immediately ready. Being prepared will help you start your relaxation as soon as you board.  We met our friends poolside and started our trip with a toast.  We got to our cabins, all of us picked a superior balcony and had connecting rooms, so our balconies opened to each other and allowed us to have one big place to party.   As the sun began to set and we started to sail away, the excitement started, and we were ready to go.  Watch for my next blog, on activities on board, dining and excursions.


Luxury destinations, unique experiences and what to watch for in 2019

We are one week into 2019 and it was nice to look back at our trip to Israel over the holiday season. I hope you enjoyed reading about our holy land adventure, this destination is unique and one I would definitely put on a bucket list. It offers something for everyone and is an affordable luxury destination that provides a wonderful experience for all ages.

As I look back on 2018 it was a year filled with travel to new luxury destinations and new adventures that I look forward to sharing with you in 2019, from zip-lining in Belize and riding ATVs in Cozumel, to experiencing traditional Bavarian food in Germany and getting to know the land of my ancestors in Italy.  I look forward to sharing these incredible adventures with you over the next few months as well as bringing you some luxury travel tips and showing you a few hidden gems.

I use the word luxury as I describe many of my adventures because that is what I am proud to be able to provide to my clients. In 2018 I became a Certified Luxury Travel Specialist, which means I learned how to bring Luxury travel experiences that fulfill your dreams to each of my clients. But when I ask people what luxury travel means to them, I never get the same answer. It can be as simple as upgrading your seat on an airplane to economy premium or staying in a 5-star resort for the 1st time.  To some it means personalized service and private transfers, while to others it may means a small group tour with unique experiences.   It can be first-class seat on a high-speed train to a new destination in Europe or getting a balcony cabin on their first cruise. One thing that reigns true is everyone wants a unique experience that allows them to create remarkable memories that will last a lifetime.  It doesn’t mean you need to spend millions of dollars, (although that would be nice), it does mean that everyone wants good value for their money.  Value doesn’t mean it going to be the cheapest option, it means that they want to get something unique, to feel like they are treated like a VIP and come back being able to say WOW what an amazing trip.  Luxury isn’t only for the rich and famous it can be attainable by everyone.  Setting a goal, planning and letting me use my tools and expertise will ensure that you to can have that luxury experience you have always desired.

In my upcoming blogs I will show you some unique destinations, luxury experiences, and tours that are all available to you.  So keep dreaming, set your goals high and have faith that you will reach your travel dreams and let me and my team at GLK DREAM TRAVEL help you see the world.