The End to our Italian experience. Part 6


We awoke to the hustle and bustle in the Piazza below our window.  I opened the shutters and watched as the vendors set up for the day, the sidewalks were being swept and the restaurants were preparing their patios.  As I reminisced about the last 9 days, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and sadness.  I didn’t want this experience to come to and end.  We walked across the piazza for breakfast with a few others from out group, after which we met our guide and walked to the Colosseum.  As we walked through town a little slower today as we all didn’t want it to end.  We entered he Colosseum walls and you could just feel the history that happened here.  Our guide was great and gave us so much information, as we left the Colosseum we ventured to the Form and strolled around the grounds.  This was a morning filled with culture, history, and stories of the past.

After the tour ended Bert and I left the group and began to wander, we went to Spanish steps, walked by the “wedding cake building”, the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, and slowly lingered through the city.  I felt a little deja vu as some of the neighborhoods brought back feelings of when I walked these streets in 1977.

We met up with the rest of the group and made our way to Trevi Fountain.  My heart skipped a beat as we approached this magnificent fountain.  I stood there felt tears fall down my cheeks.  I really didn’t want this feeling to end. We of course took many pictures and selfies and couldn’t leave without throwing our coins in the fountain with a wish to return to amazing county. A few of us decided to dine together for our last night.  We walked to the Campo de Fiore and sat at an outdoor café. We shared memories over wonderful food and Prosecco, 9 days earlier we were strangers and now we were friends for life. 

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