All Roads lead to Rome Part 5

As we leave our amazing little hotel in Cortona, we can’t help but feel melancholy as we know that our Italy adventure only has a few more days.  We board the bus and head to Rome with a wonderful stop in Orvieto.  This jewel of a town gives you hospitality in a medieval setting. It’s  Duomo (church) in the center is just beautiful, we are also given a tour of the Underground a series of cave from the Etruscan era.  It was very interesting to see such intricate cave system under this amazing city. These miles of caves were used for refrigeration, wine and water wells.  After our tour, we stopped and had a bite to eat and do some shopping, the ceramics here were lovely. I stopped in a little shop and after purchasing some gifts, the little old man smiles leaned over grabbed my face and kissed my cheek.  I felt like family.  We wandered through the maze of streets up and down the hills and enjoyed some gelato.  Then we boarded the bus for Rome.

The hillside of Italy is simply stunning we arrived in the hustling streets of Rome and were taken to our hotel.  A location that couldn’t be beat. I opened our window and look directly at the Pantheon. You could look down onto the Piazza. I watched the people wander, the vendor open their carts and the life in Rome go by.  As the sun set, Bert and I wandered the street and ended up in Piazza Navona, we enjoyed a light dinner outside, while listening to a cellist.  We drank prosecco and watched the people enjoy life in Italy.  We strolled back, stopped and had a pastry before we headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow we visit the Vatican.

We awake to the sounds of the City, we walk across the Piazza for breakfast before we make our way with our group to the Vatican.  We are dropped off in front of Vatican City and meet our incredible tour guide.  She guided us through Saint Peters Basilica, the Vatican museum where we got to see the awesome Pieta. The opulence of it all is overwhelming.  To understand the history, the decisions and magnificence of the treasures within these walls is remarkable, but the most exciting moment of our trip was about to happen, and we didn’t even know it.  We were led into the Sistine Chapel; everyone is quiet as they gaze at the simply exquisite ceiling painted by Michelangelo.  As we stand in the quiet surrounded by many people a priest comes out onto the Alter, he greets us all in his broken English and explains that he will be on the side of the alter for any blessings that someone may want.  I look around and no one has moved.  I look at Bert and we move towards the Alter.  A policeman invites us up on the alter and the priest greets us.  He spoke with us for a few minutes, gave us a marriage blessing and blessed our children and grandchildren.  It was so surreal, as I turn around and walk off the alter, tears are flowing down my face.  The people in our group ask us how we arranged that, and I said I didn’t.  The priest just invited us up. Once everyone realized what was happening the live formed. It was such a wonderful moment it will be etched into my heart forever.

We left the Chapel and our tour ended, Bert and I decided to walk back to the hotel and as we excited Vatican City, we saw the Castle of Angels.  We decided to go through this castle and we both agreed this is a not to be missed site. It was so interesting and is was were it is said Michael the Archangel appeared as a sign to the end of the Plague in 590, this along with many other stories of angel siting lead to it name. It was used by many Popes as a fortress.  The artifacts within these walls are definitely worth seeing.  We left the castle and walked across the bridge of angles on our way back to the hotel.  We stopped in a piazza and ate a great pizza and had some wine.  We returned to the hotel to get ready for our farewell dinner.

We met the group and walked through the Jewish quarter and over a bridge to a small Island, Tiberina, where we entered the private apartment of Chef Fabio Bongianni, he runs a cooking school and has a restaurant called That’s Amore near Trevi Fountain.  As I walked through the door of this fabulous apartment, I felt warmth and hospitality everywhere.  We were met by a wonderful lady named Monica, she poured us Prosecco and introduced us to Chef Paolo, trained by Chef Bongianni, he was the one making this magnificent meal.  We enjoyed the evening and had a nice surprise when Chef Bongianni made an appearance.  The evening was superb and is another extra special event offered by our host with Story Land and Sea.  We returned to our hotel with slight sadness as tomorrow is our last day in Italy.  

Bella Italy – Part 4 Quaint Countryside


We awoke early and boarded a small shuttle bus.  We started out into the countryside as the fog was beginning to lift.  After a short time, we made a surprise stop at a remarkable location.  The Florence American Cemetery. A veteran cemetery and memorial in the lovely wooded hills of Chianti. The Italian government gave the land to the United States so that we could bury and honor our lost and missing from WWI and WWII. It was simply a profound experience. We silently walked through the rows of graves, looking at names. As we visited the small chapel and the Memorial at the top of the hill the fog began to rise, and you could see the numerous headstones that stood like solders at attention and the tears fell from our eyes.  This surprise stop was so meaningful to all of us, it touched our hearts and as we silently boarded the bus, it was hard not to reflect on the many things that took place and the men that died so that we can have the freedom to visit this magical countryside.  A wonderful hidden little gem that should not be missed.

The next stop on our trip through the Tuscany countryside was San Gimignano.  We passed many vineyards and were able to see the iconic trees of Tuscany, as we climbed the hillside, we arrived at this Italian hill town surrounded by 13th century walls.  Its medieval tower, a Piazza with a little well in the middle, and anchored by an old church with its stone stairs leading down into the center was exactly was I thought of when I dreamed of walking through a little town in Italy.  The beautiful flowers, the vines hanging off the windows.  As we entered the Piazza there was a group of old Italian men sitting at one end of the Piazza like guards watching over their family.  They smiled and nodded, but you knew you were being inspected. We walked up the stone steps to visit this wonderful little church and as we exited, we watched a groom meet his bride as she stepped out of a black car.  Surrounded by his groomsmen he greeted her and handed her a exquisite boutique. The wedding was going to take place in this amazing setting.  It was a delightful site that made my heart feel so blessed to be witness to.  It showed real Italian life not something you read about in a tourist book.   We shopped in a couple of the small stores and then walked to the outside wall on the top of the hill, for another Story exclusive an Aperitivo to toast our arrival in this quaint town.

We got back on the bus and proceeded to a family owned vineyard, Castello Monterinaldi. We were met my a young lady who gave us a short tour and then were escorted into a building that seamed like at one point is was an old family home, we were served flights of wine and the most delicious sweet olive oil and thickest sweet balsamic that I have every tasted.

We then proceeded to Cortona, known as “the Grandmother of Rome,” were we would stop for a couple of nights.  Another quaint little Tuscan town, where the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed.  This little family run boutique hotel with a little courtyard and charming dining room. As the rest of the group gathered for their group dinner, Bert and I walked up the hill and found a charming place for dinner, after dinner we wondered around, listened to people in the Piazza, it was a wonderful day.  We awoke early and had the best breakfast buffet so far, with delectable Lemon Ricotta Cake, the owner was so proud of this creation she brought a piece to each of us. We decided to attend mass with another couple, at Santa Margherita, a Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic church on the very top of the hill. With it being Sunday there were no cabs and we weren’t going to have time to walk to the top of hill. This is where you get to hear, not only about the wonderful service, we received but the helpful, friendliness of the Italian people. The owner of the hotel told us to wait one minute and then pulled up in front of the hotel was a car driven by a young gentleman who worked in the kitchen. He was so nice; he drove us to the top of the hill and dropped us off in front of the church.   We generously thanked him and walked into this wonderful little church.  You could tell it was a beloved local church, because as we walked in the elders of the church, turned to see who we were, as were outsiders.  We sat in the back and prepared for this amazing experience. Sitting there hearing mass in the beautiful Italian language, sitting next to the locals from this remarkable little town brought tears to my eyes. After mass everyone walked to the front and passed by the actual remains of St Margherita. This was very special to see the people honor this patron saint of the church.  We walked leisurely down the hill back to the piazza. Sat in the Piazza with friends and incredible pastries and coffee.  A few of the other people on the tour visited Sienna, went to a cooking class or walked down to see the house from the movie.  Staying in this little town gave you many options. We spent the afternoon, wandering around the Etruscan Museum and visiting the little shops, enjoyed some wonderful gelato and a cocktail.  We found a restaurant that advertised American Hamburgers, we knew there were a couple of people in the group, that even though we were surrounded by all this amazing food, wanted a hamburger and a beer. So, we returned to the hotel and made arraignments to dine with the group.  Before dinner we gathered for happy hour with delicious appetizers and wonderful glass of wine in the courtyard.  As we sat and discussed everyone’s day, the friendships grew.

Tomorrow we leave for Rome with a stop in Orvieto.